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LED Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Body Light Induction Mirror

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Color: 70X50cm(27.6X19.7in)
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Use a smart mirror in your washroom

With the intelligent bathroom body light induction mirror, improve your experience in the bathroom. This innovative light induction works with an efficient sensor in it hence you can enjoy its diverse functionality. Even the intelligent defogging system makes you look at yourself in the mirror effortlessly. this light induction mirror is an evergreen and unique smart gadget that is a must-have for any bathroom.


  • With the Bluetooth sound feature, you can enjoy your favorite music during bath
  • The anti-fogging feature makes your reflection clearly visible in the mirror even when there is fog on the mirror because the sensor senses the fog 


•50X70cm(19.7x27.6in) / 60x80cm(23.6x31.5in)
•Rectangle Bluetooth Smart Bathroom
•Makeup Mirror With LED
•Light human body induction
•Anti-fog Backlight
•Wall Hanging Mirrors





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