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Solar Wireless WIFI Alarm Outdoor Security Camera

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Color: Tuya Cam 128G Batt
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With the solar wireless WIFI alarm, you can easily and actively keep an eye on who is entering your home. The surveillance of the region you want to keep secure is effortless now with the help of a smart surveillance alarm. There is no need to worry about battery charging as this security alarm can get charged from solar energy. Keep the alarm connected to your phone and you will get an instant alarm if someone tries to enter your region.

Get this solar wireless WIFI alarm today for a proper high-level secure environment around your region!


  • If the PIR Alarm function is enabled, the wireless solar alarm camera will send the alarm information to the user's mobile phone when someone invades the surveillance area.
  • First, the phone is connected to WIFI, add an alarm surveillance camera by monitoring the app to open the software viewing screen and receive alerts anytime and anywhere.
  • When the wifi alarm camera is in the sleep state, the alarm will be sent to the mobile phone when there is a dynamic in the monitoring alarm range. Alarm prompts can be selected for push messages.
  • After the security alarm camera is connected to the network, open the monitoring app through the mobile phone to watch the live video and the video recording is stored in the memory card for online playback.
  • When the solar alarm smart camera is connected to the network, up to 100 people can be viewed at the same time. Can share multiple people's use. The mobile app can add up to 100 devices.


It is strongly recommended to add an SD memory card and extension cable. Our SD card is a special high-speed storage memory card.


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